Smart Connected Electro-Mobility

  • In the SmartCEM project, four European cities and regions (Barcelona, Gipuzkoa-San Sebastian, Newcastle and Turin) have joined forces to demonstrate the importance of ICT solutions in the area of electric mobility for citizens and cities and to promote electromobility for different user groups in real test phases.

  • The core task of PTV in the consortium was the provision of development and system components for navigation of electric vehicles of various types. The partners integrated the PTV solution into their system architecture on site.

  • Provision of development and system components for electric vehicles navigation

    PTV provided the partners with technical components  for the E- navigation.

    Support of many different vehicle types

    The vehicle models for navigation were developed for different vehicle types (passenger cars, e-scooters, etc.).

    Enabling easy on site implementation through system partners

    System partners were able to integrate the solutions into their architectures via interfaces.

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