Production plan based recovery of vehicle routing plans within integrated transport networks

  • Within the scope of the project ProveIT, IT-solutions for the planning and control of stable logistics networks were developed and tested in pilot testsites. PTV developed the tasks of the operational freight transport as part of the logistic process chain.

  • Interfaces constituted the physical events of commissioning, collection, delivery and billing. In the case of higher data-technological process integration, these events were exchanged between the systems in the form of electronic data and status information. The solution was to use an integrated planning and control system to make all planning and implementation information available in the area of ​​operational transport via interfaces to the system participants.

  • Tactical planning und operational trip planning

    The developments covered in particular the planning procedures for tactical planning, the extension of the Smartour application for operational tour planning as well as the interfaces to telematics units and the components for the support of fault detection and ETA calculation.

    Tactical and operational evaluation

    In addition, assessment schemes were developed to evaluate the system components at the individual planning levels in strategic, tactical and operational terms with regard to the economic and macroeconomic effects.

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