COmmunication Network VEhicle Road Global Extension

  • CONVERGE has defined an architecture and interfaces for an open, distributed, national/international, operator-independent, scalable, flexible and secure Car2X system group that is based on hybrid communication.

  • CONVERGE has thus drawn up the architecture of cooperative systems for future mobility. Advanced traffic management approaches and vehicle safety issues are continuing to converge. A holistic system architecture enables flexible interaction between different service providers and network operators based on a distributed, scalable structure.

  • Timely transmission of information

    Traffic information is transmitted directly by VTS centres to vehicles.

    Direct use of vehicle information

    Traffic monitoring data (CAN, DENM) can be processed immediately.

    Application certification

    The applications can be accredited and certified by the network operators.

    Faster and cheaper application development

    Applications can be used faster and are more cost-effective due to the holistic system architecture.

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