Open network of hyper connected logistics clusters towards Physical Internet

  • Clusters 2.0. vision is to leverage the full potential of European Logistics Clusters for an efficient and fully integrated transport system in Europe making optimal use of an Open Network of Logistics Clusters and hubs starting.

  • Within the scope of the project, the engagement, performance and coordination of terminals and hubs at cluster level will be improved. In addition to that, a hyper connected network of logistics hubs and clusters will be built. Furthermore, solutions to reduce operational costs of transhipment will be developed. In order to achieve the above objectives, prototypes of New Modular Load Units will be modelled. Moreover, terminal management systems to increase management capacity of the terminals and to reduce associated congestion will be developed. To improve an validate proposed solutions, Living Labs will be establish and run. Arising from these Living Labs, Business Models and Robust Business Plans for Clusters 2.0 solutions will be developed.

  • Proximity Terminal Network & Cluster Community System

    An IT platform enabling integrated management of the available resources and the synchronization of operations within the project

    Symbiotic Network of Logistics Clusters

    Connection of Trans-European Transport Network corridors’ hubs or hubs which are strategically considered together in Clusters 2.0

    Innovative Cluster Handling Technology

    Development of New Modular Loading Units and innovative handling and transhipment technology to accelerate handling processes within the project for road and intermodal modes

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