Accelerating C-ITS Mobility Innovation and depLoyment in Europe

  • C-MobILE envisions a fully safe and efficient road transport without casualties and serious injuries on European roads, in particular in complex urban areas and for vulnerable road users.

  • It also aims a congestion-free, sustainable and economically viable mobility, minimizing the environmental impact of road transport.

    C-MobILE will adopt state of the art technologies in terms of communication, road-side architecture, and service delivery concepts to define an architecture that is cross-border interoperable, utilizing hybrid communication technologies. A series of C-ITS (cooperative-intelligent transport systems) applications will be demonstrated using the C-MobILE architecture by involving stakeholders, operators of pilot sites, developers of user device solutions and large user communities. The results of the pilot sites will be validated based on the technical aspects and user/societal impacts. This will lead to C-ITS deployment on the C-MobILE pilot sites, and replication to other cities by publishing deployment guidelines.

    PTV will contribute to the architecture, system design and impact assessment. PTV-Truck Parking Europe will be involved in the integration and demonstration work.

  • C-ITS Framework

    A C-ITS framework defined in partnerships with major stakeholders will be implemented for proposing key deployment enabling solutions on existing pilot sites, including business cases.

    Cost-benefit analysis

    An assessment will be elaborated including cost-benefit analysis of the cumulative real-life benefits of clustering C-ITS applications and integrating multiple transport modes in the C-ITS ecosystem.

    C-ITS deployment

    An open secure large-scale C-ITS deployment of new and existing applications demonstrated in complex urban environments will be processed which will be interoperable across countries involving large groups of end users.

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