LEA (Small) Bus - Guide for the use of autonomous and electrically driven (small) buses

  • The increasing digitalisation of public transport offers the opportunity to make public transport more flexible, more comfortable, cheaper and therefore more user-friendly.

  • The research project will analyse the requirements, application possibilities and consequences for (small) bus use in areas with various spatial conditions and population densities and thus derive important findings and recommendations for action for a public transport operation in public space.

    The study analyses and evaluates a broad spectrum of approaches and test operations of autonomous and electrically driven (small) buses. In addition, systematic processing is carried out according to settlement structure and application cases. Approaches and experiences within Germany and abroad will be examined and success factors, necessary framework conditions as well as obstacles to the use of autonomous, electrified (small) buses will be discussed. For this purpose, vehicle technology and infrastructure, general traffic conditions, legal aspects as well as acceptance, operational and business management aspects and possible business models will be examined.

    The two-year project is being carried out by a consortium of PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG (management), PTV Transport Consult GmbH, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the consulting and auditing firm Rödl & Partner GbR.

    Duration: 2017-2017

    Funded by:

  • Evaluation of previous and planned vehicle deployments

    Possible and already implemented areas of application for autonomous, electrically powered public vehicles will be systematically compiled for the first time based on literature and internet analysis.

    Success factors and barriers to use

    The requirements and basic conditions that lead to a successful use are derived for different area types. This includes expert interviews and the simulation of autonomous vehicle fleets in interaction with the existing public transport system.

    Preparation of guidelines

    The recommendations for action derived from the project work are intended to support researchers and practitioners from municipalities, transport associations and companies with regard to the introduction of autonomous and electrically powered (small) buses in live operation.